Main Street.
Not Wall Street.

Old Glory Bank was created to be the bank FOR America. Now, Americans who are accredited have a chance to be owners of Old Glory Bank. 

We are the pro-America online bank.

We’re the bank for the hard-working, freedom-loving Americans. You stand for love of country, faith, freedom, respect for our flag, and a deep appreciation for our military and first responders. We stand with you.™
We created Old Glory Bank to fight back against cancel-culture and to stand up for the financial privacy America needs. If any of us are canceled for what we believe, the industry we work in, or the candidate we vote for, all of us should be concerned. No ESG, social credit score, or DEI at Old Glory Bank. Only PSL - Privacy, Security, and Liberty. Old Glory Bank will never cancel a law-abiding customer for what they believe or for exercising their constitutional rights. 
We are the FDIC-insured community bank for all of America. With customers in all 50 states, we combine our great mobile banking technology with the personal service you expect from a community bank.

Quick Facts about Old Glory Bank

  • FDIC Insured and an Equal Housing Lender
  • State-chartered bank in Oklahoma with customers in all 50 states
  • Started opening online accounts in March 2023.
  • Personal Accounts
  • Business Accounts
  • Home Loans
  • Business Lending
  • Old Glory Pay - our closed-loop, digital payment solution
  • Old Glory Cash-IN - easy cash deposits at over 85,000 retail locations
  • Approximately 40,000 fee-free ATMs
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Charitable Round-Ups
  • GOALS savings targets
  • Budget and Planning Tools
*Terms and Conditions apply to products and features. 

This is your opportunity to help secure banking in America.

At the core of our mission is a deep love for our country, a respect for the ideals upon which it is built, and a belief that every law-abiding American has a right to participate in the US financial system. In just the first year of opening accounts at Old Glory Bank, we have grown to more than $100mm in assets and added tens of thousands of customers across all 50 states. Old Glory Bank has one of the industry's strongest loan-to-asset ratios (about 4%), has no exposure to commercial real estate, and has one of the industry's highest liquidity ratios (greater than 98%). We are primarily undertaking this public private-placement of up to $20 million to satisfy regulatory leverage ratios related to deposit growth.

Repeatedly, we heard the enthusiastic question, "How can I invest?"

We listened. Now is your chance.

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Old Glory Bank Ownership Opportunity

How does it work?

Not a Public Offering

Old Glory Holding Company, the Delaware bank holding company that owns Old Glory Bank, is undertaking this Public Private-Placement in accordance with Rule 506(c) of Regulation D. These purchased shares are “restricted” and may not be resold until registered unless there is an available exemption to registration. Old Glory Bank is only for long-term owners who believe that we need a bank that shares Pro-America values and protects its customers from government overreach.

Must be accredited

Due to SEC regulations, investors in this opportunity must be accredited. See FAQs for more details.

Please note, it's the SEC (not Old Glory Bank) that requires investors of our restricted stock to be "accredited."  We wish we could have everyone be an owner (especially because the minimum purchase is only $1776), but the law does not allow that, and we are a "law and order" Bank.  

Minimum Investment

The investment opportunity begins at $1,776. You may offer to subscribe for more than this amount.

How to Invest

The steps to ownership



 In this type of Private Placement, we are only able to accept subscriptions from accredited investors. The minimum investment is $1776. You may offer to subscribe for more than this amount. 



Through our secure portal, we will share a collection of documents and information about this investment opportunity. To participate, you must agree to keep certain information confidential.



Your investment may be made by ACH, wire, or check. Each subscription is subject to acceptance and if accepted, your ownership in Old Glory Bank will be commemorated with a stock certificate.

The Banking Bill of Rights

Old Glory Bank recently introduced the Banking Bill of Rights - a set of five fundamental principles that every American can rely on. 
Freedom of Association
The right to bank without the risk of cancellation because of your faith, industry, or beliefs.
Freedom of Financial Privacy
The right to banking privacy, shielded from improper government snooping.
Freedom from Censorship
The right to an online payment app without the threat of cancellation by big tech censors.
Freedom of Lifestyle
The right to banking services without restrictions imposed by a "social credit score."
Freedom of American Values
The right to bank with an institution that respects and supports your American values.
Customer Testimonial
Reviews from our customers say it all. Old Glory Bank is the bank Americans have been looking for.
Customer Testimonial
Reviews from our customers say it all. Old Glory Bank is the bank Americans have been looking for.
Customer Testimonial
Reviews from our customers say it all. Old Glory Bank is the bank Americans have been looking for.

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